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St. Charles Students Explore Fine Arts

In addition to classroom art activities, the Art Curriculum includes lessons and regular projects that focus on drawing and painting with an introduction to ceramics, sculpture, and three-dimensional concepts. Students develop basic technical skills and learn fundamental oncepts such as line, shape, value, form, and color.  

The Music & Drama Curriculum addresses multiple strands of the musical arts. Students in grades K-6 learn choral music, basic rhythm instruments, recorder, glockenspiel, and how to read music. Musical selections include liturgical music as well as contemporary selections from popular music. Students in grades 7 and 8 explore methods of communicating through performing arts, including individual and group performances. Seventh grade students focus on “Living Museum,” presenting an exhibit of multiple characters through monologues, costumes, and props. Eighth grade students work together to produce an entertaining spring musical for the school, including managing all roles in set preparation, backstage support, technical crew (lights & sound), and acting.

For Enrichment, several programs provide opportunities for exploration and development. Drama Club engages students whose interests are in the performance arts to express and grow their talents. Students in grades 4-8 work together to produce a musical, choosing acting roles or responsibilities in set design, lighting, and sound. Tiger Band is growing strong! Students develop individual skills playing instruments and group performance skills as one band under the direction of the school band director. Our Children’s Choir meets weekly to learn liturgical music and lead the music ministry at Sunday morning Masses.

St. Charles School is dedicated to developing the whole child, recognizing each individual’s interests and talents for the fine arts. If you are interested in learning more about St. Charles School, register for a school presentation and tour. Click to Register. Or call the School Office at 650-593-1629.


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