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Enrichment Programs Enhance Student Life


St. Charles School is enhancing student life through expansion of the art programs in and after school.


Art in the classroom is supplemented by the K-8 Art4Schools program that delivers art projects of varying genres, styles, and media of specific artists. Taught by professional art instructors, and supported by St. Charles parent volunteers, this program enriches St. Charles students’ creative expression, art appreciation, and artistic technical skills.

Program themes include Art from World Cultures, inspiring students to explore diverse cultures and perspectives, Ceramic and Sculptural Arts, teaching basic techniques in building form and developing 3-D concepts and Art by the Masters, teaching functional techniques such as line, color and self-portraits, giving students an historical context for their own creations.


For those who would like to develop talents in music, St. Charles School is launching an enrichment Band/Music program to supplement the regular school music curriculum. After school lessons and band practice, taught by a professional band teacher, enable students to learn to play musical instruments and perform as a unified band. The in-school music program lays the foundation for reading music and playing in unison, and this new band program further develops collaboration and consistency.  


St. Charles continues its enrichment theater program with the after school Drama Club. Students in grades 3-8 learn to perform a musical production, offering roles in chorus, lead characters, set construction, and operating lights and sound.  The final performace is a family favorite, with performances on a Friday night and Saturday afternoon.