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Kindness, Caring, Loving, Sharing—Living the Christian Life

St. Charles School fosters kindness and care for one another through School Family and Class Buddy activities.

School Families

With an 8th grade student as the “head of family,” each School Family includes one student from each grade, K-8. From year to year, students gather in school family groups to participate in schoolwide activities that foster collegial thinking, cooperation, kindness for one another, and caring for young children. St. Charles School’s next School Family activity will be the Thanksgiving Prayer Service and Luncheon. Led by Student Council, the prayer service will engage students in giving thanks to God for abundant blessings, sharing stories for the common good, eating lunch, and creating a group art project together, all while grouped in 35 separate School Families. The experience fosters understanding of two Catholic social teachings: Life and Dignity of the Human Person and Call to Family, Community and Participation. 

Class Buddies

The class buddy system supports the youngest St. Charles Tigers—grades K and 1. Kindergarten buddies are 4th grade students, and first grade buddies are the 8th grade students. Besides sharing buddy time during school Masses, these young people find time to share reading activities, Christmas greetings, Valentines, and other symbols of kindness and care for one another. Being a good friend cultivates understanding of true friendship!

St. Charles School promotes student opportunities to build wholesome, caring, and prayerful relationships in student life, through following the Gospel and the life of Jesus.

If you are interested in providing Catholic education for your children, please contact the school for a program presentation and tour. Financial assistance is available.  To schedule a tour call 650-593-1629, or—click here