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Enrichment Programs After School

Student Life at St. Charles School

Student life is enhanced through extracurricular experiences at St. Charles School.  In addition to academics and sports-league activities, St. Charles offers a variety of clubs and programs to provide opportunities for students to explore their interests and build new skills!

  • Student Government  Students take on schoolwide leadership, including leading morning prayer and announcements, leading Back-to-School Mass, Thanksgiving prayer service, and Holy Thursday prayer services, school rallys, intramurals, and campus "greening."
  • Homework Club   Students can work with a certificated teacher to complete homework, brush up on academic skills, or explore resources to learn something new!
  • Math Lab  With support from teachers specializing in math instruction, students join in for practice, communications, and extensions of thinking in mathematics.
  • Drama Club   Students work together with the program director (and parent volunteers) to produce a musical, which is performed in January.  Students take on speaking roles, chorus, behind-the-scenes set work, lighting and sound.
  • Community Service Club This student-run club meets on campus and performs service off campus in the community at large.  Volunteer activities include beach cleanup, stuffing teddy bears for hospitalized children, collecting candy for the troops, and making Easter baskets for critically ill children.
  • Robotics Club  Students learn basic coding protocols, explore a variety of approaches, and apply their coding skills in a variety of physical and virtual applications.
  • Cooking Club  Students learn basic nutrition and cooking techniques that promote healthful dietary choices, all while making tasty foods!
  • Church Choir  Students learn to sing as part of a liturgical group, leading the musical ministry for the 8:30 Mass each Sunday.
  • TGA Golf and Tennis  Students learn the basic skills and etiquettes of these sports and practice weekly on campus.
  • After School Band  Students learn the basics in instrumentation, playing an instrument, and performing as a unified group.

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