• Italian Catholic Federation (ICF) Branch 327  

    The Italian Catholic Federation is a 13,000-member organization founded in San Francisco, at the Immaculate Conception Church in 1924. The organization has grown and presently has branches in California, Nevada, Illinois and Arizona.   Our branch has been operating in St. Charles Parish for 35 years.   We are Italian in origin, but we gladly accept persons of non-Italian background as we feel that our organization has something to offer to everyone. We promote our heritage through social events, food and music. Members enjoy our faith and fellowship.   We are also a Family Organization where all members of the Family, of all ages are welcome! A few years ago, we started a Family Membership Program expressly for this purpose.  

    We are a Catholic organization that promotes the following:  

    1. We receive communion as a group.
    2. We support our parishes with time and money.
    3. We support parish schools and Religious Education programs.
    4. We support Clergy and Seminarians with a yearly contribution for training of seminarians.
    5. We donate scholarships to high school students and 8th graders in the parish who will attend a Catholic High School the next year.
    6. We do many other apostolic and charitable works in our community.  

    In addition, we sponsor dinners, dances and trips because we believe social interactions are important.   Our Branch meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm in Borromeo Hall. Our dues are modest and we need everyone young and older. We invite you to join us as we do God’s work. 

Caring Hands

  • Caring Hands is a unique service performed since 2001 by several volunteer members of the Italian Catholic Federation (ICF) at St. Charles Parish.  When there is a funeral or memorial mass, the Pastor may request that there be a reception for the friends and family of the deceased.  ICF volunteers handle all the necessary arrangements for the reception in Borromeo Hall. 

    Details about the Caring Hands Program, including the responsibilities of the volunteers and the range of menu items, are contained in the Caring Hands Flyer that the Pastor provides at the time the bereaved family is making arrangements for the funeral or memorial mass.

    The program has been self-sustaining because of the generous donations received for the costs of food and supplies.