• Small Christian Communities

    Small Church is the name of a Small Christian Community at St. Charles. 

    Small Christian Communities are a group of approximately 12 people who gather and reflect on their lives in the light of the gospel. They pray, they reflect, they ritualize, and move out beyond themselves as Jesus did. 

    They usually meet at least 2 times a month outside of the Sunday Eucharist. It is not a Bible study, although the reading and reflecting on the Sunday Scripture is part of the Small Christian Community experience.

    The purpose is to create an environment where people can grow in openness to the gospel, transforming every area of their lives. After three years, there is a renewable commitment after evaluation and discernment. The community may choose to divide into smaller communities, with each part taking in new members and starting new communities. The challenge is to become increasingly wholehearted in their basic commitment to the movement of the Spirit within them.