• Dramatic Arts

    Fine Arts Curriculum

    Students in grades 7 and 8 explore methods of communication through performing arts, including individual and group performances.  Activities across the two grade levels include writing monologues, developing commercials, representing a person or idea through individual performance, and performing in a school play.  

    The curricular focus of the 7th grade is toward developing student confidence in performance and teaching students to communicate in a variety of modes. The culminating activity for students in 7th grade is the "wax museum" during which students prepresent their "museum" exhibit with monologue, costume, and props.

    The focus for 8th grade is on working together to produce an entertaining performance for the school.  The culminating activity for 8th grade students is the spring musical. Students have roles in set preparation, backstage support, technical crew (lights & sound), and acting.


    Enrichment Program - Drama Club

    The Drama Club provides opportunities for students whose interests are in the arts to express and grow their talents. Students in grades 4-8 work together to produce a musical, often performed in January. Students can choose acting roles or responsibilities in set design, lighting, or sound.  In addition to the success of the production, students experience the opportunity to work with students in different grade levels.  Friendships are formed across the grades, and students effectively learn from one another.