• Tuition Assistance

    Both the parish and Archdiocese of San Francisco have a program of tuition assistance to aid parents in meeting financial obligations. These scholarship programs are intended specifically for families who maintain a living commitment to the Catholic faith. Therefore, priority for distribution of assistance includes:

    • Families registered in the parish.
    • Families who worship regularly within the parish community.
    • Families actively involved in parish programs, activities, and/or organizations.

    Families wishing to request tuition assistance from St. Charles School must alert the Principal as soon as possible when the need arises. Assistance may take the form of a longer payment period, tuition discount, or a combination of these.  Please call for an appointment to discuss any needs for relief.

    Additional assistance may be available from the Archdiocese. Families wishing to apply for the Archdiocesan Scholarship Assistance must make their intention known to the school before the end of the first semester. All applicants for Archdiocesan-provided financial assistance must use the TADS® system.  

    TADS application forms are received by the Archdiocese in mid-February. Further questions may be answered by calling the school office.