• St. Charles School Advisory Board

    The School Advisory Board provides guidance and recommendations to the administration in the formulation and adoption of policies regarding operational functions of the school.

    Advisory Board members are elected as representatives of the school community for either three-year or one-year terms of office. As representatives of the School and Parish communities, members focus on the overall best interests of the school rather than recommendations that please only specific individuals or small groups.

    Advisory Board members are responsible for conducting business in accordance with requirements of the State of California, the Archdiocese of San Francisco, and the St. Charles School Advisory Board Bylaws.

    While all parents are welcome to attend meetings, each grade level has a class representative so that topics discussed and specific information from agenda items can be regularly and openly shared within the school.

    Each month members of the Board review progress of school programs, working committees, and their own agenda toward improvement. Specific recommendations and accomplishments of the Board and its committees include:

    • Establishing a guiding document of recommendations for the Strategic Plan
    • Establishing recommended procedures to improve traffic flow and safety
    • Revising rules of participation in the athletics program, effectively broadening the inclusion policy to support students in the parish religious education program
    • Recommending a secondary capital campaign to fund the school endowment, now called The Tiger Fund
    • Recommending phasing out the Scrip discount to the tuition schedule and supporting the associated actions necessary during the budgeting process
    • Monitoring student achievement—Iowa Assessments and math & writing benchmark assessments
    • Scheduling teacher-led presentations to the parent community regarding curriculum initiatives of the school, specifically Common Core Mathematics, English Language Arts & Literacy, primary reading development, science, technology, and the high school admissions process
    • Developing an evening education program of presentations of interest to parents
    • Initiating and managing student participation in the Hour of Code
    • Improving the hot lunch program

    Over time, the School Advisory Board and its subcommittees have contributed meaningfully to school improvement, as evidenced by the number of viable recommendations and associated program advancements.

    The School Advisory Board meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 7:00 PM, September-May.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

    2021-2022 School Board Members 

    Josh Zaroor, Chair
    Becky Cantieri, Vice Chair
    Jonathan Schild, Secretary
    Maureen Sedrak
    Chris DeMartini
    Christine Lau
    Mike Gordon
    Peter Hoffmann
    Dana Reynolds
  • Meeting Dates 2021-2022


    September 14

    October 12

    November 9

    December 14

    January 11

    February 8

    March 8

    April 12

    May 10