• Christian Service Guidelines

    The Christian Service Program for students in grades 7 and 8 has been established to enable students to become contributing members of society by reflecting on the principles of Christ in their daily lives. As such, we expect all students to willingly seek opportunities, and when volunteering, to appropriately represent St. Charles School and Parish. Consideration will be given to a student’s level of commitment upon preparation of high school letters of recommendation. The extent to which a student managed this responsibility and contributed one's best effort will be reflected in the recommendation. Students will be responsible for completing appropriate hours and a final project related to their Catholic Social Teaching to demonstrate what they have learned through their service. A Youth Guide featuring a list of agencies for Community Outreach activities will be available in the homeroom class, school office and online. The primary objective of the Community Outreach portion of the program is to involve the student with “hands on” work directly with people who are disadvantaged in some way. The exception is Environmental Stewardship projects where individual labor as a participant in an agency-organized event is required. We hope to broaden each student’s awareness of the needs of the less fortunate around us, and expose students to the benefits of collaborating with others in their community for the common good. Parents and students in grades 7-8 should refer to the Christian Service Program guidelines for more detailed information.

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