• Uniform Dress Code

    St. Charles maintains a dress code. Dress and grooming affect students’ attitudes and habits in school; therefore, students need to present themselves in a manner that does not offend the rules of decency or detract from the learning environment. The faculty and staff of St. Charles School reserve the right to determine whether a student’s attire meets the established guidelines for "free dress" or uniform days. Please check your choice of clothing before leaving for school to ensure that it complies with the guidelines and is appropriate for a K-8 school environment. Students who are in violation of the guidelines will be asked to change into appropriate attire. Repeated infractions warrant further disciplinary action.

  • Uniform Requirements

    Dress Item Dress Code Description

    Shirts may be white or red, short- or long-sleeve knit polo. Shirts must be tucked in when not wearing a fleece vest or sweatshirt. Shirts may not hang below the vest or sweatshirt.


    Pants are Dennis’ blue twill.


    Navy regulation, no cargo style.

    Jumpers or Skorts

    Plaid regulation, Grades K - 4

    Skirts or Skorts

    Plaid regulation, grades 5-8


    Navy Dennis Uniform with school name (required for uniform days)

    Wednesdays and Fridays ONLY—spirit wear or sports team sweatshirts may be worn.

    Fleece Jacket/Vest

    Navy Dennis Uniform with school crest (required for formal uniform days).

    Wednesdays and Fridays ONLY—spirit wear or sports team jackets may be worn.


    Belts are optional; must be brown, black, or blue when worn.

    1. Tights wirth skirts or jumpers are optional for girls
      • Must be solid colors of 
    2. Socks with one tasteful logo are acceptable.
      • May be no show, ankle lenght, or knee length in style.
    1. Shoes must be flat.
    2. Shoes must be tied, Velcro fastened, or buckled with a strap.
    3. Shoes must be white, black, navy blue, brown/tan, or grey.

    It is OK if the shoe:

      • has a tasteful company logo, such a s the Nike "swoosh" or the company name such as UnderArmor.
      • Is a combination of ONLY 2 acceptable shoe colors, including the sole
      • Is a slip-on style

    Athletic shoes must be worn for PE.


    1. Wristwatch, one ring—both must be simple.
    2. Small and safe post earrings optional for girls.
    3. All students may wear a very discreet, plain gold or silver chain (necklace) with a small religious medal or cross.
    1. Hair must be the individual’s natural color. Tasteful, discreet, and natural color highlights are permitted.
    2. Boys’ hair must be above the collar and above the eyebrows.
    3. Girls may wear headbands of the followinf solid colors:
      • White, Black, Navy Blue, Grey, Red, or School Plaid 
    4. Girls may wear bows of solid school colors
      • White, Black, Navy Blue, Grey, Red, or School Plaid 



    When masks are required by the State of California to be wornm or if a child chooses to wear a mask to school, the following rules apply:

    Masks must:

    • Be appropriately fitted
    • Cover the nose and mouth completely
    • Be clean each day

    Disposable masks may be worn.


    PE Uniform

    PE Uniforms may be worn on Wednesdays and Fridays, on days when there is no Mass.  These items can be purchased at our online spirit store through Goetz Sporting Goods.  PE uniforms are optional; school uniforms may be worn for PE.


    • PE shorts or sweatpants MUST BE BLACK.
    • PE shirts MUST BE RED or BLACK.
    • All PE items must be pruchased through our online store and carry the STC insignia.
    • St. Charles School spirit sweatchirts and school teams' shirts may also be worn as part of the PE Uniform.