• Excellence in Education
    St. Charles School maintains a tradition of academic excellence. Curriculum as implemented through classroom instruction combines current academic standards with research-based and innovative practices. Teachers employ effective best practices, including cross-curricular and differentiated instruction, multiple assessments, and project-based learning.  Balanced instruction ensures students master foundational skills and develop higher-order critical thinking and problem-solving strategies such as application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluatation.

    St. Charles School's K-8 core curriculum consists of:
    • Religion and Character Education                                 
    • Language Arts (reading, spelling, handwriting, conventions of English, writing/composition)
    • Mathematics (foundations of arithmetic, number sense, operations, concepts & problem solving, pre-algebra, Algebra I)     
    • Science 
    • Social Studies                                           
    • Music K-6 & Dramatic Arts 7-8                                    
    • Spanish 
    • Physical Education 
    • Art