• Uniform Infractions, NOT Permitted

    Wearing a uniform entails adherance to the expectations, much as a sports team wears not only the same clothing, but also wears clothing in a standardized fashion. To assist students and their families in understanding what constitutes a uniform infraction, please see the chart below.  Parents' and students' commitment to meeting uniform expectations supports the academic climate of the school and minimizes distractions around attire.

    Dress Item  NOT PERMITTED


    No untucked shirts.


    No yoga pants, leggings, sweat pants, denim, cargo pants


    No leggings, tights, or sweatpants with shorts, cargo shorts

    Jumpers or Skorts

    No shorter than 4” above knee

    Skirts or Skorts

    No shorter than 4” above knee


    No St. Charles spirit/athletic wear 

    Fleece Jacket/Vest

    No St. Charles spirit/athletic wear


    No socks with messages on them. No striped, argyle, checkered or other patterned socks. No tights that end before the toe.


    No Non-uniform colors such as pink, powder blue, purple, red. No “graffiti” or other patterns on all of part of shoes. No checkered, striped, or plaid prints. No shoes with lighted or blinking features, or “roller skate” features. No sandals, flip flops, high heels, platform shoes, clogs or shoes that have black soles that scuff the floors. No boots.


    No hoops or dangling earrings. No type of bracelets. No other pierced jewelry beyond one earring per ear.


    No distracting hairstyles or facial hair. No dyed or highlighted hair. No glittered headbands or headbands with protruding attachments.