• Out-of-Uniform, "Free Dress" Code

    Periodic free dress days will occur during the school year. Students may receive free dress passes for their birthdays or for a special reward. Students may be out of uniform (in free dress) on these days, but should be dressed appropriately for school. Free dress attire should conform to standards of good taste, and be appropriate for a school environment. The following conditions must be met for all free dress:

    Free dress clothing should cover the body as much as the school uniform covers the body.

    Makeup is unacceptable, and only clear nail polish is allowed.

    Jewelry must be discreet and in accordance with uniform code criteria.

    Shirts should be in good taste.

    No clothing that advertises, promotes or glamorizes drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or weapons

    No displays of foul or sexually suggestive language or symbols 

    No tank tops, spaghetti straps, sleeveless team jerseys, or cropped tops

    Undergarments must not be visible at any time, including field trips. No bathing suit “bra tops” worn on top of other clothing.

    Students may not wear clothing that is representative of, or perceived to be, of gang affiliation.

    Military combat/camouflage type clothing is not allowed.

    Proper fitting jeans may be worn, and must be in good condition; no tears, rips, frays, or ragged hems.

    Proper fitting shorts may be worn; no tears, rips, frays, or ragged hems.

    Shorts must be the same length or longer than uniform shorts (no shorter than 4" above the knee) and should be in good taste (no short shorts).

    Shorts and pants must be worn at the waist. No “sagging."

    No yoga pants or leggings.

    For safety reasons, flip-flops, slippers, sandals, platform shoes, high-heeled shoes, or high-heeled boots may not be worn.