• The Tiger Fund

    Through the generosity of many donors, the St. Charles community has established an endowment to support the long-term viability of Catholic education at St. Charles School.  Just as generations before donated the funds necessary to construct the school building itself, The Tiger Fund seeks participation from this current generation for the support of current and future students and families at St. Charles School.

    In the mid-1500's St. Charles Borromeo initiated Catholic education for all, thus equalizing opportunities for the people of his day to learn and grow in faith. Today, this charism in the St. Charles Parish community continues to sustain families' access to the school since its opening in 1950.  With the Tiger Fund in place, the endowment helps secure the long-term financial foundation to sustain the school and the interest on the investment will provide financial support for generations to come.

    Please consider making a donation to The Tiger Fund.  

    For further information on the fund management, its assets, or how to contribute, contact our school Principal.