• Walk-a-Thon 

    The annual student Walk-a-Thon is the school's primary fundraiser and supports the operational needs of the school while providing an afternoon of "fun-raising" for all involved. Students contact family and friends (with parent permission) to secure sponsorship for their walking activity.  Once sponsors are in place, students spend the last part of a designated fall Friday afternoon walking, skipping, singing, and moving to music as they complete laps on the campus.  Cheerleaders foster St. Charles spirit! Eighth grade students provide encouragement! As students' laps add up, so does the fundraising. After the event is over and the results are tallied, prizes are awarded to students and to classes. 


    Many parent volunteers are on hand to mark students' lap cards, serve water, and tally the results. This successful fundraiser contributes a significant portion of the school operating budget. Thank you for your participation!