• Unit 1: Learning About God's Love

    * Children are invited to respond to God's goodness with a sense of wonder, reverence, and gratitude. After learning about the holiness of God's name, the holy Bible, and the marvels of creation, the children are led to respond to God's love through prayer. As they learn to pray with quiet hearts, they discover that prayer includes both talking and listening to God.

    Unit 2: Growing in God's Love

    * Children consider their uniqueness as a gift from God and are led to respond with gratitude. They learn that God gave them a family and, through Baptism, made them members of God's family, the Church. They are encouraged to have a listening attitude toward God and a desire to choose what God wants for them. As they learn about Advent and Christmas, they meet Mary as someone who always said yes to God.

    Unit 3: Sharing God's Love

    * Children deepen their awareness of God's love for them and their appreciation of their uniqueness. They are drawn to love God in return by praying and asking forgiveness. They discover that their love for God is also shown through their acts of kindness for others. They learn about God's people and the Mass they celebrate together.

    Unit 4: Celebrating God's Love

    * Children continue to celebrate God's love for them, especially as they learn about Jesus' gift of new life and about Easter. They learn that they recieved a share in Jesus' new life through their Baptism and are called to share Jesus' love with others. The children are introduced to the Holy Spirit, who helps them live as Jesus did so that they can have joy and life forever with God.