• Digital Technologies

    Integrated digital technologies are vital to curriculum, instruction, and student learning. Classrooms are equipped with interactive touch displays, document cameras, Apple TVs, and a dedicated classroom computer and projector for use with those digital devices. Each teacher is equipped with a computer to plan lessons, take part in online professional development, post grades, maintain classroom websites, and communicate with parents.

    Students in kindergarten through grade 4 are equipped with iPad devices, and students in grades 5-8 are provided with touchscreen Chromebooks and MacBooks for in-class assignments, research, and/or enrichment.  Eighth grade students use MacBook Pros for multimedia projects and Math for Algebra I digital format.

    Google Classroom forms a common connection in the school community, supporting teachers, enabling students, fostering home-school connections. Use of Google Classroom puts St. Charles within the robust school-tech sector, where 100 million students engage with Google tools every day.

    In addition to the Google suite of tools, teachers deploy technologies to teach computing and keyboarding skills as well as using digital tools for research, individualized learning centers, self-assessment, productivity, and other online activities.

    Equally important to the online versions of textbooks, teachers use interactive online websites such as: Wonders ELA, Lexia, Newsela, RAZ Kids,
    BrainPop, Aleks and Mathletics to support student learning. Ted Talks, Khan
    Academy, Apple Music, Storyline Online, YouTube Premium, and Teacher Tube are also utilized to enhance student learning. Lastly, teachers use virtual reality technology from ClassVR to help students visualize lessons learned, such as in historical sites, natural wonders, cultural landmarks, and ancient civilizations.