• Art in the Classroom

    The St. Charles art program begins in the classroom.  Primary grades complete weekly art projects, many of which are themed by both Catholic and American national traditions, for example art in Lent and art for Thanksgiving. Upper grade student artwork is incorporated in project cover art, posters, book reports, science displays, and three dimensional construction.

    Art in the classroom is supplemented by the Art4Schools program K-8 that provides art projects of varying genres, styles, and media of specific artists. Parent volunteers support this component of art instruction at St. Charles.  

    Taught by professional art instructors from the Art4Schools program and supported by St. Charles parent volunteers, this program enriches St. Charles students’ creative expression, art appreciation, and artistic technical skills.

    Art themes include:

    • Art from World Cultures- inspires students to explore diverse cultures and perspectives
    • Ceramic and Sculptural Arts- teaches basic techniques in building form and developing 3-D concepts
    • Art by the Masters- teaches techniques such as line, color and self-portraits, giving students an historical context for their own creations