• Character Education

    One of the major accomplishments to the development of Catholic identity at St. Charles is the Character Education program, which has provided a significant positive impact on the climate and social-emotional growth on campus.

    The Character Education curriculum is comprised of two separate programs: Kimochis, taught in kindergarten through second grade and Second Step, taught in grades three through eight. Both programs are research based, align with Catholic social teachings, and complement the religion textbook and other resources. Major elements of both programs teach strategies for self-awareness: how to recognize and manage strong feelings in oneself and others, how to respond with empathy and compassion, and how to plan and set goals. Respect, empathy, kindness, and a sense of belonging are hallmarks of this Character Education program. By learning how to handle difficult situations, respect differences, and resolve conflicts, students build healthy social replationships and stronger friendships. School disciplinary measures align with the pillars and vocabulary of Keys to Communication, so that teacher and administrator conversations about studens' behavior choices are cohesive and in concert with the objectives of the Character Education program.