• Social Studies

    The studies of geography, history, culture, civics, and sociology are combined in this program. Content is aligned with the 2016 History-Social Science Framework of the California Department of Education and the curriculum framewors of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, Department of Catholic Schools.

    To develop responsible citizens, St. Charles teachers of social studies support the development of student skills in reasoning, reflection, and research in areas of chronological and spatial thinking, research with evidence, and point of view.

    Each grade level focuses on age-appropriate, articulated content in social structures and civilizations across place and time:

    Kindergarten: Learning and Working Now and Long Ago

    First Grade: A Child's Place in Time and Space

    Second Grade: People Who Make a Difference

    Third Grade: Continuity and Change

    Fourth Grade: California, A Changing State

    Fifth Grade: United States History and Geography: Making an New Nation

    Sixth Grade: World History and Geography: Ancient Civilizations

    Seventh Grade: World History and Geography: Medeival and Early Modern Times

    Eighth Grade: United States History and Geography: Growth and Conflict