• Mathematics

    St. Charles School follows the Common Core Mathematics Content and Practice standards, K-7 and the Common Core Higher Mathematics Standards (Algebra I) in grade 8.

    The total mathematics program provides an articulated, complete, and balanced curriculum that is aligned with the Standards and is designed to teach basic computational skills from instruction through maintenance, build problem solving skills and strategies that students can apply daily, encourage a positive realistic attitude toward mathematics, and develop students’ abilities to analyze mathematical thinking, discern error, solve problems, persevere, and achieve precision.

    Content strands in mathematics are developmentally articulated from Kindergarten to eighth grade and include the following:

    • Counting and Cardinality
    • Operations and Algebraic Thinking
    • Number and Operations—Base Ten
    • Number and Operations—Fractions
    • Measurement and Data
    • Geometry
    • Ratios and Proportional Relationships
    • The Number System
    • Expressions and Equations
    • Statistics and Probability
    • Functions
    • Algebra I

    Students in grades 6-8 are assigned to differentiated math classes based on individual achievement, standardized assessment results, and teacher recommendation. All students are taught the same standards using the same instructional materials; smaller classes allow the instructional pace to be adjusted to support individual learning and understanding of concepts. Smaller classes also provide more opportunities for students to assess their work, ask questions, and seek alternative means to solving problems.