• Week of January 30

    No new spelling list due to the short week


    Week of January 23

    CVV-ew and ue

    thumb, plump, brush, junk, stuck, trunk

    new, grew, chew, few, flew, stew, knew, crew, blew, dew

    blue, flue, due, glue, true

    truth, sew, do


    Week of January 9


    day, stay*, play*, clay, tray, may, gray*, say*, pray*, nail, raise, grain, gain, aid*, trade, brave*, taste, shape*, glass, stand*, past, they*


    Week of December 5

    Past Tense -ed

    prayed, waited, picked*, jumped*, loaded*, rained*, needed, snowed*, walked*, screamed, melted*, bumped, turned, missed, started*, passed, mailed, twisted, cleaned, handed, dressed, dusted, yelled*, asked*


    Week of November 28

    Plural, -s and -es

    eyes*, inches*, dishes, boxes*, pages, glasses, girls, bosses, speeches, pieces, plants*, months*, coaches, taxes, riches, wishes, bushes*, places*, classes*, dresses*, houses*, flashes, badges, lunches


    Week of November 14

    CVVC review

    wait*, trail*, rail, sail

    toast, coast*, moan, throat*

    read*, beast, leak, neat*, pea, cream*

    need, wheel, sheep, three*, sheets*, cheek*


    Week of October 31

    CVC, CVVC-ui, CVVC-oo

    crust, bump, trust*, skunk

    suit, juice, fruit*

    food*, bloom*, smooth*, broom, mood, moon*, spoon*, tooth*

    oddball: build*, from*

    *=the words tested on Friday


    Week of October 17

    CVC, CVCe, CVVC-ai

    black, rash, camp, flash

    space, mane, tale, place, blame, frame

    rain, brain, paint, train, main, faint, chain, tail

    oddball: want, said


    Week of October 11

    Review of Short and Long CVC and CVCe

    which, wax, skin, crab, lots, gum, crop

    note, mule, rule, these, safe, wife, cape, tide, vote, race, wipe

    oddball (the pattern does not match the sounds): have, done


    Week of October 4

    Final /k/ sound

    -ck: kick, sick, duck, pack, lick, sock, truck

    -ke: take, bike, shake, duke, spoke, strike, smoke, like

    -k:took, shook, cook, look, book


    Week of September 26

    Short u (CVC) and Long u (CVCe)

    cup, drum, shut, plus, club, bus, jump, just, hunt, cut, such

    tube, flute, mule, use, cube, huge, tune, June, rude, cute

    oddball (the pattern does not match the sounds): put


    Week of September 19

    Short o (CVC) and Long o (CVCe)

    sock, rock, job, clock, hot, spot, chop, pot

    bone, joke, rope, stove, cone, hope, home, woke, broke, hole, hose, those, nose

    oddball (the pattern does not match the sounds): some, come


    Week of September 12

    Short i (CVC) and Long i (CVCe)

    pig, dish, stick, rich, gift, flip, kick, clip, thin, swim, spill

    kite, five, mice, prize, knife, hike, while, nice, drive, nine, dice

    oddball (the pattern does not match the sound): give