• Dress Code

    St. Charles maintains a dress code. Dress and grooming affect students’ attitudes and habits in school; therefore, students need to present themselves in a manner that does not offend the rules of decency or detract from the learning environment. The faculty and staff of St. Charles School reserve the right to determine whether a student’s attire meets the established guidelines on “free dress” or uniform days. Please check your choice of clothing before leaving for school to ensure that it complies with the guidelines and is appropriate for a K-8 school environment. Students who are in violation of the guidelines will be asked to change into appropriate attire. Repeated infractions warrant further disciplinary action.

  • Dress Code Details

    Item Description NOT Permitted

    White short or long sleeve knit pullover (polo type) or blouse. Shirts must be tucked in when not wearing a fleece vest or sweatshirt. Shirts may not hang below the vest or sweatshirt.

    Un-tucked shirts


    Navy blue cords or Dennis’ blue twill

    (Khaki twill optional for 6-8th grade girls)

    Leggings or sweats. No denim.


    Navy regulation

    Leggings, tights, or sweatpants with shorts

    Jumpers or Skorts

    Plaid regulation, Grades K - 4

    Shorter than 4” above knee

    Skirts or Skorts

    Plaid regulation, grades 5-8

    Shorter than 4” above knee


    Navy regulation

    Fleece Jacket/Vest

    Navy regulation   (Optional)


    Belts are optional, but must be brown, black, or blue when worn .


    Solid - forest green, black, navy blue, or white (tights with skirts/jumpers are optional for girls).

    Socks with messages on them. No striped, argyle, checkered or other patterned socks. No tights that end before the toe.


    Practical, flat shoes in solid uniform colors: black, navy blue, brown, gray or white. It is OK if the shoe has a tasteful company logo such as the Nike “swoop” or the company name such as “New Balance.” It is NOT OK to have patterns, prints, or multiple colors on shoes. Athletic shoes must be worn for PE. See the note in the right column for unacceptable shoe types.

    Non-uniform colors such as pink, powder blue, purple, red. No “graffiti” or other patterns on all of part of shoes. No checkered, striped, or plaid prints. No shoes with lighted or blinking features, or “roller skate” features. No sandals, flip flops, high heels, platform shoes, clogs or shoes that have black soles that scuff the floors. No boots.


    Wristwatch, one ring—both must be simple, no “bling”-like jewelry. Small and safe post earrings optional for girls. They may wear a very discreet, plain gold or silver chain (necklace) with a small religious medal or cross.  

    No hoops or dangling earrings. No type of bracelets. No other pierced jewelry beyond one earring per ear.

    Hair must be the individual’s natural color.

    Boys’ hair should be collar length or shorter.

    Girls may wear headbands of a tasteful color/colors.

    Distracting hairstyles or facial hair. No dyed or highlighted hair. No glittered headbands or headbands with protruding attachments.


  • Purchasing Uniforms

    Dennis Uniform Company.JPG

    Uniforms may be purchased at Dennis Uniform Company; 1282 Oddstad Drive, Redwood City, CA 94063 (650/ 299-9623) or at their San Francisco location. In addition, St. Charles has established a partnership with Lands End School --- for more information, contact the school office or visit the school website.  Uniforms are also available in our Uniform Exchange closet.  Please see the school office for help with Uniform Exchange.

    Students are expected to wear their entire uniform unless there is an emergency or they have a free dress day.  If your child must be out of uniform, please send a note explaining the situation to the classroom teacher.  If you fail to send a note you may be asked to bring our child’s uniform from home.  Please see the Parent/Student Handbook for more details on uniforms. 

  • Free, used uniforms are available throughout the school year. If you have uniforms in good condition that your children have outgrown, please donate them to the Uniform Exchange by dropping them off at the office. If you’d like to pick up a uniform, simply stop by the school office for assistance.

  • Periodic free dress days will be allowed during the school year. Children may receive free dress passes for their birthday or for a special reward. Children may be out of uniform on these days but should be dressed appropriately for school. Free dress attire should conform to the standards of good taste, and be appropriate for a school environment. The following must be adhered to:

    1. Free dress wear should cover the body as much as the school uniform covers the body.
    2. Makeup is unacceptable and only clear nail polish is allowed.
    3. Jewelry must be discreet and in accordance with the criteria outlined above.
    4. Shirts should be in good taste.
      1. Clothing that advertises, promotes or glamorizes drugs, alcohol or tobacco products, or displays foul or sexually suggestive language or symbols are not permitted.
      2. No tank tops, spaghetti straps, sleeveless team jerseys or cropped tops may be worn.
    5. Undergarments must not be visible at any time, including field trips. No bathing suit “bra tops” worn on top of other clothing.
    6. Students may not wear clothing that is representative or perceived to be of gang affiliation.
    7. Military combat/camouflage type clothing is not allowed.
    8. Proper fitting jeans may be worn, and must be in good condition; no tears, rips, frays, or ragged hems.
    9. For safety reasons, flip-flops, slippers, sandals, platform shoes, and high-heeled shoes or boots (higher than 1 ½”) may not be worn.
    10. Shorts must be the same length or longer than uniform shorts and should be in good taste (no short shorts). Shorts must be worn at the waist. No “sagging”.