• Parents are a vital part of the St. Charles community!

    Active and positive parent participation sends a strong message to children about their family's commitment to education, service to others, and the importance of the school and parish community.

    Participation among parents enriches the school in many ways.  The years that children spend at St. Charles pass by very quickly! Parent volunteers find joy in contributing to school programs and experiencing community engagement along with their children.

    All parents are required to provide volunteer service hours to the school and/or parish programs.  Volunteer opportunities are many and varied.  We look forward to seeing you on campus!

    St. Charles includes all parents in the Parent Activities Committee (PAC).

    PAC welcomes all parents in the St. Charles school community! Every parent's help is needed throughout the year to assist with events, field trips, traffic, auction projects and other activities. Thank you for volunteering!


    PAC Handbook and Resource Guide, 2023-2024

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