• Student Life at St. Charles School

    Students attend St. Charles School to learn, but student life is more broad than the standard academic curriculum.

    St. Charles School provides a variety of opportunities for students to participate in activities that support its Mission, Philosophy, and Student Learning Expectations (SLEs). In partnership with parents, St. Charles faculty and staff provide a rich environment for students' spiritual, personal, and academic growth.

    Students are actively involved in daily prayer and Catholic traditions throughout the year, including during Morning Assembly and in the classroom each day. Students participate in monthly school Masses (weekly during Lent).  Students lead and actively participate in school liturgies by proclaiming the Word, reading Prayers of the Faithful, cantoring, altar serving, and presenting the gifts of bread and wine.

    Each class participates in learning about a Catholic social teaching:

    • Life and Dignity of the Human Person (grades K & 4)
    • Care for God's Creation (grades 1 & 5)
    • Call to Family, Community, and Participation (grades 2 & 7)
    • Option for the Poor and Vulnerable (grades 3 & 6)
    • Solidarity (grade 8)

    St. Charles School offers many extra-curricular activities that provide additional opportunities for spiritual, athletic, social, and academic growth.

    Athletics: Students in grades 4-8 participate in the Peninsula Parish Sports League (PPSL) in baseball, volleyball, basketball, and track. Cheerleading is offered in eigth grade. 

    Non-competitive Activities: Other non-sports activities offer opportunities for students to explore developmental avenues and new interests. Activities may vary based on student interest and volunteer availability. Current examples include Student Leadership Team, Scouting, Church Choir, and Homework Club.

    School Families:  As a means to build confidence, caring for one another, and friendships across the grades, St. Charles School students gather in "School Families," which consist of one student from each of the grades 8 (head of family) and K-7 (family members). Opportunities to gather together incorporate year-to-year familiarity--activities include Halloween project, Thanksgiving lunch and orayer service, Holy Thursday prayer service, and an Easter project to name a few.