• Confirmation Level One may take as little as one school year or as long as you need to prepare yourself in the context of our parish community. This is the time for you to get involved and live your Baptism as you seek to grow in your faith and your relationship with God, connect to the parish community, and reach out to others.

    Confirmation Level One 

    Click here for the calendar for Confirmation Preparation, Level One

    • Attend Mass regularly
    • Seek to grow in your relationship with God/pray regularly
    • Consider getting involved in " Charlie's Angels " our high school youth group (or at least some activities offered by Charlie's Angels)
    • Register and pay the fee
    • Attend the Parent/Teen Candidate Orientation Meeting (If you missed this meeting, contact Tami to schedule one.)
    • Attend the ACRE Assessment (See Calendar for dates), Borromeo Hall.)  
    • Complete 20 hours of Community Service/Ministry (at least 10 hrs connected with St. Charles)-forms due by April 1
    • Participate In Two (Manditory) Mini-Retreats: (See Calendar for dates/times)
    • Moving-Up Meeting with Coordinator for teen candidates for Confirmation and parent(s) after you have completed the above.


    Click here for the US Bishop's website. Then click on this Sunday's date in the little calendar on the right side to see the Scripture readings for this Sunday's Mass. 

    Click here for a brief reflection (audio) on the upcoming Scripture readings for Sunday's Mass (by Mark Hart, a.k.a. "The Bible Geek."