• Policies

    1. At least one parent/guardian should be a practicing, active member of our Parish Faith Community, known as St Charles.
    2. Parent/guardian must provide a copy of the child’s Baptismal certificate if baptized in a parish other than in the one in which he/she will receive First Holy Communion.
    3. Parent/guardian and the child are expected to participate in the Sunday Mass every week.
    4. A child must have completed the previous year of formal religious education in a Catholic school, the St Charles Parish program or in their previous parish. The parish curriculum must have been completed either at home or in parish classes as outlined in parish policies.
    5. The child must be currently participating in a program of systematic approved catechesis either in a Catholic school or as a registered student of a parish program. A child who is receiving religious education as part of an overall home school program must follow text that is currently listed on the conformity list approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops..
    6. The parent and child must attend all the required sessions set up by the First Communion Coordinator.
    7. A child must have been thoroughly prepared for and celebrated the sacrament of Penance, unless some serious pastoral reason suggests otherwise in a particular case, to have the use of reason.