St. Charles School

FAMILY: Growing Together in God's Light

School News

  • Walk a thon  SUCCESS!

    Our Walk-a-Thon fundraiser has exceeded all expectations! We are so blessed to have such a generous community, and as a result we have the opportunity to make life a little easier for all. We will be purchasing a new PowerSchool feature that will allow for online student registration, online emergency contact forms, and a variety of additional features that will steamline parent/school paper-management tasks. A HUGE THANK YOU for all your support!

  • after school

    Extended Care and Other After School Options

    In addition to after school sports, music and various clubs, St. Charles offers several, school-mangaged programs ito assist with homework and to provide safe places to play.

    Extended Care has four people supervising: outside play, inside play space, and inside quiet space.

    Math Lab -  grades 3-8,  Tuesday-Thursday. Our math lab is monitored by one or more math teachers who provide additional instruction and practice for all students

    Library Homework Club, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 PM-4:00 PM. Ms. Sanchez offers opportunties for homework assistance and research.

    Stay tuned for additional after-school options as St. Charles continues to bring new and exciting activities to our campus!

  • virtus logo NEW! 

    As part of the Archdiocese of San Francisco Child Safety Charter, a new online training program has been adopted for ALL parents in Catholic School communities.  To register, simply follow the steps in the directions to register, or begin the registration process by clicking the Virtus online link below: 

    Virtus Online Training

Positively Wonderful

  • theme image

    We are POSITIVELY joyful!

    Our theme for 2018-2019: FAMILY Growing Together in God's Light, reminds us that we are ONE people of God, ONE family. 

    We are guided by God's love that we share through faith, hope, and kindness for one another. 

Why St. Charles School?

  • Enhanced Mathematics Program

    New! Online Tools to Support, Enhance, and Extend Mathematics Achievement

    Students in grades K-4 experience math in multisensory ways, increasing engagement and enjoyment in learning math concepts. Using the online TouchMath program, students receive immediate feedback with audio and visual reinforcement that supports all types of learners. Designed specifically to produce results among students of all learning styles, the program ensures that students see, say, hear, touch, and learn using interactive classroom aids, manipulatives, and simulations. This program supplements the St. Charles classroom curriculum and further differentiates instruction to reinforce critical math concepts.

    Using St. Charles digital tools, students in grades 5-8 have new opportunities to apply and expand their mathematics learning through the online ALEKS program, which differentiates instruction and provides an optimal path to success for each student. This program supports teachers with ongoing assessment of student progress and personalized instruction that fosters student learning for mastery and retention. Students benefit from immediate feedback and step-by-step explanations to ensure full understanding and application of the Common Core Standards.

    After-School Math Lab  

    St. Charles School employs a team of three teachers specializing in math instruction whose talents are expressed during daily classroom instruction and extended to after-school personalized practice and extension. Smaller, split math classes in grades 5-8 increase opportunities for teachers to reach all students and foster increased student participation. The St. Charles after-school Math Lab program gives students a unique environment in which to communicate, practice, and master mathematics concepts with support from teachers who specialize in math.

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