• School Advisory Board Communications

    The purpose of the School Advisory Board is to advise the Pastor and Principal in the formulation and adoption of policies with regard to matters generally related to the operation of the school. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday per month for 8 meetings, September through May (excludes December). 

    Procedure for Communication with the School Advisory Board

    Communication with the St. Charles School Advisory Board may be accomplished by personal appearance at a meeting of the Board, verbal communication or email communications with any Advisory Board member, with any class representative or through the school Principal. 

    Note that only communications with public identification can be addressed (i.e. no anonymous submissions). Written communications addressed to the Board should reach the office of the Principal no later than Wednesday prior to the meeting at which the matter concerned would be discussed.

    The Principal, as Executive Secretary of the Board, is charged with the responsibility of jointly planning the agenda with the Advisory Board Chair. Each meeting agenda is circulated in advance to all parents via email.  The School Administration and Advisory Board members look forward to sharing information and entertaining discussion with the community through the School Advisory Board process.

    All are welcome!

    Contact the Advisory Board via email: info@stcharlesschoolsc.org.