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Why St. Charles School?

  • Areas of Distinction

    St. Charles School takes pride in its commitment to academic excellence. An up-to-date curriculum fuses twenty-first century educational best practices with a rigorous traditional academic program. Teachers implement effective instructional strategies through cross-curricular and differentiated instruction, alternative assessments, and project-based learning. Primary emphasis is placed on critical thinking and problem-solving strategies that encourage students to analyze, hypothesize, evaluate, and synthesize, through thinking, listening, speaking, reading, and writing in all content areas.

    Digital devices are used across the curriculum to support, enhance, and facilitate teaching and learning. Students use laptops, iPads, chrome books, and Google classroom to research, collaborate, practice, and communicate. Applications are used to reinforce, extend, and enrich learning, as well as to foster creation, facilitate communication, and develop problem solving skills. A 1-to-1 ratio in middle school ensures 100% accessibility to digital devices for student productivity at any time. Elementary grade students have equal access as directed by their teachers.

    A hands-on science curriculum, teacher aide support in language arts, mathematics, and science, small class sizes in middle school English, literature, and mathematics, and a robust resource program fully support individual and group student learning and scholastic achievement. Students achieve highly in mathematics, English, and science as evidenced by strong and consistent placement in high school honors classes. An integrated religion program ensures student knowledge of the Catholic faith and student life in living the faith.

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