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St. Charles Annual Auction Cheers to 30 Years!

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    MARCH 24, 2017

    Mark your calendar for our biggest fundraiser and FUN raiser!

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Why St. Charles School?

  • Lent

    St. Charles Teaches the Journey of Faith, Service, and Community for the Common Good

    Pray. Fast. Give Alms

    We celebrate the beginning of the Lenten season and renew ourselves in remembrance of the sacrifices of others who have gone before us. During this Lent we encourage students, parents and educators to identify something they may be “less than proud of” and take steps to right their paths.

    Respect. Honesty. Integrity.

    We encourage our community to display St. Charles Pride at all times, whether on or off campus. Integrity at St. Charles means each demonstrating “best self” because we WANT to be our best selves. Over the next 40 days, our students and community will focus on modeling respect, honesty, and integrity as demonstrated through our everyday actions and behaviors.

    Project Night Night

    Students have the opportunity to provide support for Bay Area children who are in difficult living circumstances such as homeless shelters, foster care, and transitional housing. Spearheaded by our Seventh Grade, our school community will collect and prepare tote bags for children who move from location to location. Each tote contains a security blanket, a hardback book, and a stuffed animal, thus providing a sense of security at bedtime, wherever the child may be. To participate, students will find a way to sacrifice or do helpful chores at home to earn funds or “family funding credits” for their grade level’s item. In this way, we pray, give alms, and sacrifice for children who are in need.

    Academic Excellence

    St. Charles School takes pride in its commitment to academic excellence. An up-to-date curriculum fuses twenty-first century educational best practices with a rigorous traditional academic program. Teachers implement effective instructional strategies through cross-curricular and differentiated instruction, alternative assessments, and project-based learning. Primary emphasis is placed on critical thinking and problem-solving strategies that encourage students to analyze, hypothesize, evaluate, and synthesize, through thinking, listening, speaking, reading, and writing in all content areas. An integrated religion program ensures student knowledge of the Catholic faith and student life in living the faith.

    We Are STC