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    St. Charles School Class of 2018   We congratulate all who are reaching this milestone in their lives and pray God’s blessings will be with them.

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Why St. Charles School?

  • Partnerships among faculty and parents offer and deliver authentic community learning experiences that foster family engagement!

    Language and Culture

    Learning Cultural Appreciation

    St. Charles Spanish Teacher, Miss DeLeuw, constructed a unique and exciting experience for our K-5 students that involved learning about Spanish-speaking countries around the world. BIG Tiger ROARS of appreciation to Mr. Lopez-Echeto, who spoke to the students about Spain and brought rosquetes de limon for all to try, to Mr. & Mrs. Gatica who spoke to the students about Guatemala and brought special bread to share, and to Mr. Vargas who spoke to the students about El Salvador and brought fresco de ensalada for all. What a true and unique gift for our students! 

     Academic Excellence

    St. Charles School takes pride in its commitment to academic excellence. An up-to-date curriculum fuses twenty-first century educational best practices with a rigorous traditional academic program. Teachers implement effective instructional strategies through cross-curricular and differentiated instruction, alternative assessments, and project-based learning. Primary emphasis is placed on critical thinking and problem-solving strategies that encourage students to analyze, hypothesize, evaluate, and synthesize, through thinking, listening, speaking, reading, and writing in all content areas. An integrated religion program ensures student knowledge of the Catholic faith and student life in living the faith.

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