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Why St. Charles School?

  • St. Charles School actively connects the knowledge of Christian faith to living out its principles.  Each class K-8 focuses on a specific Catholic Social Teaching, and throughout the year students respond to God's call to live the Gospel.  Students "learn by doing" as they complete Chrisitan service projects within the community. 

    Kindergarten--Life and Dignity of the Human Person

    First Grade--Care for God's Creation

    Second Grade--Call to Family, Community, and Participation

    Third Grade--Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

    Fourth Grade--Life and Dignity of the Human Person

    Fifth Grade--Care for God's Creation

    Sixth Grade--Option for the Poor and Vulnerable 

    Seventh Grade--Call to Family, Community, and Participation

    Eighth Grade--Solidarity


    In addition to faith formation, St. Charles School provides academic excellence in a nurturing environment.  Contact the school office for an appointment to learn more!