Annual fundraising continues to support St. Charles School.

Fundraisers are an essential part of the school’s community spirit, while additionally supporting our operating budget. More than 20% of the cost of educating each student is paid for through fundraising. To keep tuition affordable, St. Charles is heavily dependent upon the success of these various efforts. Ten of the 40-hour volunteer requirement is allocated to fundraising activities at St. Charles.

Fundraisers succeed because of the commitment and participation of every family at St. Charles. In addition to building a sense of community, fundraisers help:

  • Supplement our operating budget to help keep tuition costs lower
  • Fund improvements to the school and classrooms
  • Defray the increasing costs of tuition

Under the leadership of the School Advisory Board and the Fundraising Committee, St. Charles developed a strategic approach to school fundraising. Parents are now able to target their efforts into more effective, and fewer, fundraising activities—increasing success and diminishing “fundraising fatigue.”