Parent Service Hours

The St. Charles Parent Service Program requires a mandatory forty (40) volunteer hours per family (or twenty (20) hours per single parent). It is encourage that a portion of these hours must be in School Fundraising. Hours worked at the Parish Fall Festival will not be included in the School Fundraising category, but will be applied to the remaining balance. Service hours may be spent in any activity that directly or indirectly benefits the school. The Parent Service Program Contract is distributed to all families at the beginning of each school year, and allows parents to select the areas of greatest interest for their volunteer efforts. Parents are to track their hours and totals are reviewed in November, February, and May. All of you are well aware of the time and commitment involved in the operation of St. Charles and the many activities that our children learn and enjoy. Without the help of dedicated and generous volunteers, many of the programs listed below would not be available.


Parent Service Hour Log Template

Parent Service Hours Template