Parent Service Hours

We are so blessed to have so many volunteer opportunities on our campus. While family service hours are required (40 hours for two parent families and 20 for one parent families) we know that many of our families donate much more than this requirement. Because of this dedication and support our school is able to provide our students with fun and enriching experiences that build and strengthen our community.

The Parent Service Program Contract is distributed to all families at the beginning of each school year, and allows parents to select the areas of greatest interest for their volunteer efforts. Parents are to track their hours and totals are reviewed in November, February, and May. Thank you for all you do because without the help of dedicated and generous volunteers, many of our programs would not be available.

Please use this Excel document to track your family hours. Make sure to maintain one document so that hours are not misplaced. This form can be submitted electronically to

Parent Service Hours Template


Parent Service Hour Log Template

Parent Service Hours Template