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St. Charles School hosts multiple school tours to assist our prospective parents in understanding and witnessing first hand our school programs and curriculum. These school tours also provide parents an opportunity to ask questions they might have about the school and/or its application process. If you are interested in scheduling a school tour please follow the link below. Do not hesitate to contact our school office at 650-593-1629 should you have any questions regarding this process.

Thank you for choosing St. Charles School.

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2015 Application Timeline

School Tours
10/14,10/29,11/5, 11/11, 11/19, 12/2, 12/17, 1/7, 1/13, 1/21
Applications Deadline
January 22
Open House
January 25
Kindergarten Testing
January 27,28,29
Grades 1-7 Shadowing
Kindergarten Acceptance
March 6
Grades 1-7 Acceptance
May 1
New Parent Orientation
May 7