Application Requirements

Students applying for fall semester are required to have a general testing and interview session that is scheduled in the preceding spring semester.  Evaluations are based upon test scores, teacher/student interview, previous records and recommendations from previous schools (if applicable). When applying to enter St. Charles School, parents should complete the application form (electronically or by hand) and provide all the records listed below.



The following materials must be delivered to St. Charles School before the file is considered active:

  1. 2016-2017 Admissions Application
  2. Baptism Certificate - (for Catholic students)
  3. Proof of age - (birth certificate)
  4. Report Cards/Test Scores - (for transfer students)
  5. First Communion certificate, if appropriate

Notification of the applicant’s status is made known to the parent or guardian as soon as possible after the evaluation is completed.


To be admitted to kindergarten, a child should have reached the age of five years on or before the first day of September of the school year. A child should have reached the age of six years on or before the first day of September to be admitted to first grade.  Exceptions will be considered based on information from assessment of academic and socio-emotional maturity as well as input from prior teachers.