Comprehensive Curriculum


St. Charles School is first and foremost a Catholic School.  Our religion program is the underlying structure of our school day.


St. Charles offers a literature based reading program, which provides skill continuity from grade to grade and emphasizes writing skills across the curriculum.

Language Arts

Our language series is a complete program of solid, traditional language instruction.  It provides skill continuity from level to level, with content built around children’s language interest.


A complete basic mathematics program devoted to total skill development is offered in kindergarten through eighth grade.  The program is designed to teach basic computational skills from instruction through maintenance, build problem solving skills and strategies that students can apply daily, and encourages a positive realistic attitude toward mathematics.

Social Studies

The studies of geography, history, cultures, civics, and sociology are combined in this program.


The studies of earth, life and physical science are taught in our Science program, and current health issues are also examined.


Computer Literacy, Spanish, Music, Art and Physical Education are elements included in our full curriculum.